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> Technically not a pub dog, but here most evenings making sure business is running smoothly

> Loves cuddles and staring at people as they eat

> unofficial best looking sausage dog in the central west

> looks just like his owner (Wes)


> pro climber (as shown in photo)

> Loves a head-butting competition

> one of the smaller goats at the Wellshot


>prefers sleeping to climbing

> always poses when a camera is pointed at him

> the other small goat 

Billy & Esmerelda

> Billy came from Shandonvale Station

> Billy used to be fully white until an accident with a tin of paint

> Esmerelda is a Damara breed from Eastern Asia & Egypt


> mother of Chunky and Cherry

> dislikes women (we are not sure why!)

> also loves a headbutt, we see where Cherry gets it from 


> donated to the Wellshot by the Jones family

> frequents the ... baaaaaaaaaaar (sorry)​


> could be Bridget, who knows!

> fluffy ball of friendliness

Our four legged friends love it if you come, say hi and give them a cuddle.

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